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High quality multi-channel traffic

multi-channel traffic

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No hidden fees

What is YODA?

Yoda is the only platform that allows anyone, regardless of the size of their company, to publish in Facebook and Google Adwords getting the best results out of their investment.

You can personalize your campaign with ease.

Edit your own keywords


Keywords are words or phrases that are used to relate ads to searches that users make online.

Manage your Google Ads


The ads will be activated when keywords are used and they allow you to convey the message of your service and/or product.

Use our templates


These are contact forms for gathering information and following up on client requests.

We've already earned their trust!


With the quick rotation of car models, Everybodycar needed a dynamic solution for their landing pages, one that also optimized their results and brought in quality traffic. They have continued to trust in YODA for the handling of their dynamic campaigns.


Redpiso was looking for a way to gain traffic and manage the accounts for their various branches without investing too much time. It seems that YODA has been the perfect fit for their needs since it allows them to have automatic management of their campaigns.

Páginas Amarillas

YODA has been the perfect solution for Páginas Amarillas when it comes to managing their campaigns regardless of the department in charge, as well as reducing the time needed to optimize.

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